Bow Hunting Tips

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Hunting deer with a rifle may be the most common method today, but that’s not how things always were. The bow and arrow used to be the most popular hunting tool, and many people still use it today. If you have never hunted with a bow before, or have never even used a bow in […]

New Hampshire Moose Hunt


The latest moose hunting season has drawn to a close here in New Hampshire. As Morse Sporting Goods is pleased to report, state hunting agencies are indicating that the amount of moose that hunters were able to bag this year improved upon what they were able to take home in recent history.   As this […]

Pheasant Hunting in New Hampshire


The first of October this year marks the opening of pheasant hunting season here in this New England state. As this article published by The Concord Monitor will inform any of our blog readers, there is a long tradition of pheasant hunting which is still strongly supported within the state today.   For more than a century, New […]

National Hunting and Fishing Day Expo


Concord, New Hampshire is closing in on possibly one of its busiest weekends with the National Hunting and Fishing Day Expo having occurred on September 20. Not only did they have thousands of people flock to the expo, since the entire showing is free, but they received over 50 different exhibits all focused on hunting […]

Squam Lakes Study


The Squam Lakes, both Big Squam and Little Squam, are a major destination every year for many anglers who enjoy casting their lines in search of lake fish, especially bass. Here at Morse Sporting Goods, we work with many customers who take part in any of the 22 bass tournaments, which, on average, are held […]

Bird Hunting Workshops


With the summer starting to dwindle down, now is the time to start thinking about all of the great fall hunting options available within the state of New Hampshire. Hunters can practice their skills at tracking and capturing animals of all shapes and sizes, including some very popular game birds.   Here at Morse Sporting […]

Are Moose Populations in the Northeast on the Decline?


Moose populations in the northeast have been on the decline for years, but this winter brought more winter ticks than ever before. The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in Maine were so concerned with the parasites’ effect on moose populations, that they have decreased the number of permits for the 2014 fall hunts from […]

Spring Turkey Season


Spring Turkey Season is an exciting time of year. Turkeys are an awesome game bird, because rarely do they respond to tactics in a predictable way. That being said, we’ve got a few tips for you to try out on your next hunt. Every bird is different, but we guarantee using some of these tactics […]

New Hampshire Youth Turkey Hunts

In the state of New Hampshire, a very long and proud tradition of hunting has been kept alive through the generations. Much of the strength of state hunting programs is due to the government’s protection of youth hunting programs for younger outdoors enthusiasts. Passing down time-honored traditions to posterity has kept the hunting economy alive […]

New Hampshire Moose Hunt

Every year, scores of intrepid hunters from all over the country venture forth to the cold north woods to participate in one of the most eagerly anticipated hunts in the western hemisphere; the moose hunt. The opportunity to track the dignified, musing beast through the snowy virgin wilderness has enchanted hunters seemingly since time immemorial. […]