New Hampshire Moose Hunt

Every year, scores of intrepid hunters from all over the country venture forth to the cold north woods to participate in one of the most eagerly anticipated hunts in the western hemisphere; the moose hunt. The opportunity to track the dignified, musing beast through the snowy virgin wilderness has enchanted hunters seemingly since time immemorial. […]

Current Gun Legislation in New Hampshire

Selling or loaning a gun to a friend in the state of New Hampshire may soon come with new consequences. The bill, known as HB 1589, would make it highly illegal to sell or loan a gun in a personal setting. People who personally sell their guns to friends, acquaintances, or anyone else could face […]

New Fishing Limits Coming to New Hampshire

If you are planning to fish in New Hampshire, there are important new regulations that you should be aware of. Beginning on July 1st, the New Hampshire Fish and Games Department will be enforcing new laws that reduce the catch limits for several types of fish. These regulations are designed to be interim rules that […]