Current Gun Legislation in New Hampshire

Selling or loaning a gun to a friend in the state of New Hampshire may soon come with new consequences. The bill, known as HB 1589, would make it highly illegal to sell or loan a gun in a personal setting. People who personally sell their guns to friends, acquaintances, or anyone else could face […]

New Fishing Limits Coming to New Hampshire

If you are planning to fish in New Hampshire, there are important new regulations that you should be aware of. Beginning on July 1st, the New Hampshire Fish and Games Department will be enforcing new laws that reduce the catch limits for several types of fish. These regulations are designed to be interim rules that […]

New Hampshire Holds Annual Lottery for Moose Hunting Permits

The Fish and Game Department in New Hampshire recently held their annual hunting permit drawing. Moose hunting permits in the state are hard to come by, and many residents eagerly awaited the results of the lottery. In fact, more than 13,000 people applied for moose hunting permits in New Hampshire this year. Even more astounding, […]

Collaboration will save NH fishing economy

Local fisherman Jamie Hayward had this to say about the New Hampshire groundfish industry: “We are not going to bring it back unless we change some of what we do.”   Fisheries, and in particular the New Hampshire Fisheries, can always be improved upon. It is an issue that should always be addressed sooner rather […]

June 1st is Free Fishing Day in New Hampshire

Carter Brook trout

June 1st is Free Fishing Day in New Hampshire. Make plans with your family and friends to get out, enjoy the outdoors, and have some good old-fashioned fun with the sport of fishing. No fishing license is needed, and you can fish free in any of New Hampshire’s inland waters, whether you are a state […]

Required Education Courses for Hunters Licenses, Lessens the Amount of Accidents in the Field


  Hunting is a thrilling sport, enjoyed by the brave at heart, but it also is serious business and requires following safety rules and strict guidelines. According to state laws, the proper education and course study is required to obtain a hunter’s license. These courses are mandatory for those seeking to obtain a hunter’s, archer’s, […]

New Hampshire Turkey Spring Hunting Season About To Begin

Starting this weekend, the turkey spring hunting season will begin across the state for all hunters. The spring gobbler season kicks off on May 3 and will conclude almost a month later on the 31st. Last year in the spring season, 3,873 birds were taken statewide. It’s not the only time of the year to […]

Hunting Trends

Hunting is becoming more and more popular among Americans and North Americans.  Hunting has always been a longstanding tradition and outdoor activity for Americans to participate in.  Recently, however, more and more efforts to get youths involved in hunting have been paying off. The statistics have increased and more money, time and resources have been […]

Hunger Games Sparks Interest In Archery

  After the release of “The Hunger Games” franchise in 2008, and the movie in 2012, people of all ages have shown an interest in archery. Perhaps they seek comfort in returning to indigenous roots to use the weapons of our ancestors, or maybe just for fun. The appeal of archery in the movie is […]

New Hampshire Residents Hunting and Fishing More

  New Hampshire already has a strong reputation as a great place to hunt, fish and participate in outdoor activities.  However, more research shows those number are on the rise as New Hampshire residents are participating more in fieldsmen activities.  The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service recently conducted a survey and saw an almost 20% […]