New Hampshire Youth Turkey Hunts

In the state of New Hampshire, a very long and proud tradition of hunting has been kept alive through the generations. Much of the strength of state hunting programs is due to the government’s protection of youth hunting programs for younger outdoors enthusiasts. Passing down time-honored traditions to posterity has kept the hunting economy alive […]

Required Education Courses for Hunters Licenses, Lessens the Amount of Accidents in the Field


  Hunting is a thrilling sport, enjoyed by the brave at heart, but it also is serious business and requires following safety rules and strict guidelines. According to state laws, the proper education and course study is required to obtain a hunter’s license. These courses are mandatory for those seeking to obtain a hunter’s, archer’s, […]

New Hampshire Turkey Spring Hunting Season About To Begin

Starting this weekend, the turkey spring hunting season will begin across the state for all hunters. The spring gobbler season kicks off on May 3 and will conclude almost a month later on the 31st. Last year in the spring season, 3,873 birds were taken statewide. It’s not the only time of the year to […]